Pixels New WebsitePress Release

Ever since Pixel’s inception over 5 years ago, there has been talk about a new website. Even when our original website was built, it was meant to be a placeholder until the “new new” website would be developed.
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Ultimate Sea to Sky ExperienceDiamond Rally

Jun 2017
It was an unusually sunny morning for an early Spring day in Vancouver. The flowers were beginning to bloom, the sky was a saturated shade of blue, and a symphony of precision tuning reverberated down Marine Drive’s roadway corridor outside of Brian Jessel’s BMW dealership.
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Filming in the greatWhite North

By now I’m sure you’ve figured it out, we love to travel with our work and as such, our equipment has seen some pretty interesting shooting conditions.
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Taking Life byStorm

Tromba, featuring their tagline “Take Life By Storm”. We poised to capture people living the tequila lifestyle both in urban and rural settings while learning what makes their love and passion for the agave spirit tick
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5 Reasons Why We Love OurSony A7s

Oct 2016
Tips & Tricks
If you’ve followed us long enough, you might notice that we have a particular fondness for Sony’s a7s. While we may have a few or more of these mirror less beauties floating around the office at any given time, I must add that we choose to operate these cameras on 90% of our Vancouver video productions completely by choice.
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Small Business Month WithCoast Capital

This month is small business month and with Coast Capital Savings making great strides every day to give their members simple financial help, we created a video to showcase their awesome service to their small business members!
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Getting funky with a customPOV Rig

We had the fun privilege of working with local Vancouver start-up, nTrust, to help create one of their newest video ads. They wanted to create a video that would emulate what it was like to use their cloud money app in a first person perspective.
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5 Ways to MoveYour Camera

Well, this is a loaded topic! Of course every video production is different and this list will be quite subjective to our own personal preferences and shooting style but that doesn't mean you can’t learn something from it!
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Vancouver’s MillennialCrisis

Greater Vancouver Board of Trade is Canada’s most active and influential business association. They act as a vibrant hub for commerce, trade, and free enterprise all while impacting those who work, live or visit the Vancouver region.
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ON BOARD:Aphrodite Cruises

During our recent exploration into the Northern regions of Vietnam, we were contacted through our local producer by luxury cruiseliner, Aphrodite Cruises. They were hoping to create a video that showcased their tours of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay.
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