Pixels New Website Press Release

Jul 2017

Ever since Pixel’s inception over 5 years ago, there has been talk about a new website. Even when our original website was built, it was meant to be a placeholder until the “new new” website would be developed. The concept of the site had been created and tested as Pixel’s Director and lead Interactive Developer, Peter Aziz, put the idea on the back burner until the timing was right. Fast forward 5 years later and that time is now. With Pixel’s rebrand, growth of team, and evolution of services, it made sense to put in the time and energy to build an interactive digital home where our work could live.

Over the years, we’ve refined our services so that we could better expand on our clients core needs. Creative production, place branding, and web integration are all areas that we’ve invested into and are happy to extend these services to the masses.

Having worked on hundreds of corporate and commercial projects as well as short and feature docs, we’ve learned valuable insight into the filmmaking process. Being agile and well prepared are just some of the processes that we work into all our productions while ensuring that enough time is spent in the creative process from beginning to end.

Capturing stories of people, places, and brands is something we do naturally, so it only makes sense that place branding is what we strive to do. Having traveled around the world with our work, we’ve learnt how all these subject matters can interconnect in meaningful ways, allowing us to create cohesive storylines that define geographic locations.

After producing all kinds of videos for all kinds of purposes, we’ve realized that a video isn’t anything unless people get to see it. So many productions are brought to life quickly without the proper means of sharing the content with the desired audience.

That’s why we’ve set out to merge our creative production and web development skills together to provide web integration services. Content creation paired with a targeted social campaign and microsite can create a strong marketing initiative that’s ready to promote your message and extend your reach.


Building a site that was a unique user experience while integrating video production was essential. “We needed to build something that would show off our video work, but also the web development side of the business as well” remarks Peter. “The user experience is found in the way the demo reel engages with the website. We literally took HTML5 alongside our custom video player and created a language where everything communicates together. Add unqiue SVG animations and large scale photos and the website really comes to life”.

Pixel’s new website is nothing short of amazing. With over 1000 hours of coding, design, and testing put into it, it has become exactly what we set out to create and more. We’re looking forward to many more updates to come and can’t wait to create even more engaging forms of media for our audiences and clients!    

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