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Pixel Motion Films is an innovative approach to modern-day filmmaking through digital media. Telling stories is at the core of everything we do and we believe every brand, place, and destination has a story behind it. These stories create a community and culture around the way people act, relate, and communicate.

We use filmmaking to realize these narratives and assemble them into interactive forms of media that people share and engage with. We’ve made lifelong friends on the journeys that we’ve had at Pixel. From every country and continent we stepped foot in, to every brand and destination that we’ve interacted with, we make it our purpose to understand the why in everything we do.

Executive Producer/Director

Wielding the creative ability to turn any vision into reality, Peter utilizes the core principles of cinematography to direct every shot with precision and impact. Along with his visionary filmmaking expertise, Peter is also a well versed interactive web developer. Fusing together his technical skill and creativity, he's able to take full control over all areas of production. When Peter isn’t directing his next big commercial or documentary, he is found driving his beloved '63 Volkswagen Beetle.

Producer/Director of Photography

With a brain for cinematic lighting, unique composition and vintage cameras, Mike finds the creative element in every shot. His 10 year career in film has seen him wear several hats from producer and director to cinematographer and editor. Mike is an aspiring nomad and is driven to incorporate his travels into his work. You will almost always find Mike operating a steadicam, framing a shot, or riding a skateboard.

We worked closely with the Oceanside Division of Family Practice to create a place branding video to recruit more physicians into the areas of Parksville and Qualicum Beach. Our approach was simple - capture the natural amenities while keeping true to the lifestyle all Oceanside residents take in every day. The final product created a serene and visceral experience that worked in tandem with an online digital campaign.

Columbus Gold is a Vancouver-based mining and exploration company with a substantial holding in France’s offshore department of French Guiana. With a stake in a place that few know about, it was important for Columbus Gold to inform shareholders and future investors about the benefits of their discovery. We immersed ourselves in the culture of French Guiana and created a strong storyline that communicated Columbus Gold’s messaging to investors.

“DOCZILLA” profiles Vancouver physician and automotive enthusiast, DR. JJ Dubec and his infamous Liberty Walk Nissan R35 GT-R. The short film created a worldwide buzz in the automotive tuning scene as it went viral across social media outlets, launching JJ’s build into stardom. We told JJ’s story while capturing his first time interaction with one of his life long heroes in this captivating automotive documentary.

The Shipyards District is a historic and vibrant community located in North Vancouver’s Lower Lonsdale area. Boasting over 100 shops, restaurants, and active lifestyle amenities such as spas and fitness centers, the District is a place exploding with local business with many unique offerings. We worked with the Lower Lonsdale Business Improvement Association to produce a community brand video that gave a glimpse into these businesses - focusing on the local, sustainable, and laid-back culture that exists in the District.

Tromba represents a new wave of craft tequila. Using only the finest ingredients and meticulous methods of refinement, Tromba reflects generations of Mexican artistry and craftsmanship. We worked alongside the world class tequila maker to create a series of vignettes that depicted Mexico, its people, and their deep rooted connection with the agave infused spirit.

Coast Capital Savings is Canada’s largest credit union by membership. Based in Surrey, British Columbia, they provide innovative financial services while supporting and giving back to the local communities that they serve. We have collaborated with Coast Capital on many different projects over the years; capturing their award-winning corporate culture and helping them deliver on their mission of simple financial help.

Journeying to the untouched landscapes of Vietnam, we sought to create a tapestry of stories and experiences that define the meaning of place. By focusing on the people, their stories, and the environment they live, we seized an opportunity to gather valuable insight about a world so foreign from our own. Full Effect embodies the spirit of place and connects the possibilities that traveling and filmmaking can foster when fused together.

When we first heard about French Guiana, we thought we were hoping on a plane to Europe. Little did we know there was a place where you could experience France without even crossing the North Atlantic. Full Effect: French Guiana, is a surreal representation of our journey to the French colony that depicts what our first day had felt like.

ZLC Financial For over 70 years, ZLC Financial has built their legacy on the assumption that advice is only as good as the person you ask. With a rebrand consisting of a new logo and website, we helped ZLC create an online video advert that would be featured on their website and their corporate presentations. The video ultimately became an effective sales tool and told the story of ZLC’s brand, history, and core values.
Kukuiuila Kukui’ula is a private club community on the south shore island of Kaua’i. We worked with them to produce a TV commercial aptly named “Scenic Hawaii” which displayed a beautiful array of visuals that showcased all the luxury amenities the community offers. The spot attracted new buyers and generated interest in the the growing development.
Apex Park City Nestled at the highest elevation in the Park City Mountain, Apex Residences offer elevated alpine living and unparalleled access to the largest mountain resort in the country. We produced this destination video to sell the unique living opportunities of the area; ultimately attracting new visitors and buyers into the community.
Container Direct Deals, deals, deals! That’s what Container Direct is all about, so when they needed a series of short form product videos, they contacted us. We collaborated with their marketing team to create several videos depicting their hottest products to coincide with the launch of their new ecommerce website.
Stemcell: Peer Review As a scientist, it's in your nature to question everything, including your supplier. You want the best products for your research, but you're skeptical of the information that vendors provide. See how well STEMCELL's claims hold up to scrutiny when they put themselves up for peer review.
Vancouver Millennial Crisis With the cost of living in Vancouver rising beyond affordability for Millennials, the Vancouver Board of Trade set out to address this issue in a video contest which looked for innovative solutions to the impending dilemma. We used our storytelling abilities to tie together perspectives from various business leaders, business influencers, and Millennials themselves, to establish a conversation with potentially transformative ideas.
Aphrodite Cruises Offering luxury tours and unique excursions of UNESCO World Heritage Site Ha Long Bay, Aphrodite Cruises wanted to create a commercial that would highlight their five star experiences and accommodations. We took on the adventure and traveled to the Vietnamese natural treasure and produced a highly cinematic film that captured the stunning and majestic nature of the voyage.
nTrust nTrust is the world's answer to sending and receiving money through the cloud, instantly. In order to spread the word about their new cloud money app, we helped them by producing various commercials and case study videos that demonstrated the nTrust app being utilized in real life situations. This allowed us to produce visual content that was relevant to their branding and potential customer base.
Rivers District Master Plan Envisioned as Calgary’s Culture & Entertainment District - the 20-year vision for east Victoria Park will be home to 8000 new residents and 4 million square feet of new mixed-use development space. We worked with CMLC to develop a brand video that speaks to the future of the area; promoting interest in the master plan and securing investor confidence.
ZLC Financial Inc.
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We understand the power of connecting people to places;creating content that captures the culture and the essenceof any destination. Working alongside DMOs, establishedbrands, cities, and tourism boards, we help shape new perspectives on places around the world. Consumer Research Destination Analysis Digital Strategies Influencer Outreach Social Engagment Amplified Storytelling We are a lean, mean, full-scale filmmaking machine.From brand stories to full feature documentaries, wecover a wide spectrum of video creation. By offeringeverything in-house, we create a seamless productionexperience from concept to completion. Scripting & Concept Development Live Action Production Aerial Cinematography Editing & Post Production Motion & Design Sound & Audio Design We create the platform that will be the launch padfor your content. Crafting interactive experienceswith equal parts video and web, we’re able to tellan even greater story. Through digital ingenuity,we resonate to your audiences and amplify yourcall to action ensuring success to your campaign. Landing Pages & Microsites Interactive Experiences Analytics & Insights Media Buying Social Media Management
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