Top 3 Zoom Lenses For Any Shoot

Oct 2017

While there are tons of lenses out there that will work great on just about any video production, there are some that we’ve grown to really enjoy using. Here is a list of our favorite glass we own and why we use them.


Canon EF 24-70 F4 IS

As far as zoom lenses go, this one is quite versatile for many reasons. First off, you’re covering two spectrums of focal lengths here with your wide perspective and your telephoto perspective. It boasts image stabilization which is great for going completely handheld if needed. In addition to that, full macro shooting is possible thanks to the macro mode switch. With up to 0.7x magnification, it is easily accessible with a one-touch switch at the 70mm telephoto end of the zoom range. We love using this lens on the glidecam or even just handheld on a lot of our video productions.


Canon EF 70-200 2.8 IS

This is probably one of the most popular lenses to use for video production and with good reason! It is the benchmark telephoto lens that should be in everyone’s kit. It has a fast aperture of 2.8, boasts IS, and covers a decent focal length range. It’s great for compressing the background of an image and allowing the subject to really stand out. We use it on a lot of our Vancouver productions when we shoot run and gun style or even interviews. Pair this thing with a shoulder mount and it’s like a bazooka!


Canon EF 16-35 2.8 II

When you’re shooting those beautiful Vancouver landscapes, nothing compares to a good wide angle lens. We use our 16-35 religiously when filming landscapes or capturing timelapses. It gives you that extra little bit of wide angle focal range compared to the 24-70 which makes all the difference when filling a frame.

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