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Behind The Scene Tips & Tricks

5 Ways to Move Your Camera

May 2016
Well, this is a loaded topic! Of course every video production is different and this list will be quite subjective to our own personal preferences and shooting style but that doesn't mean you can’t learn something from it!


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Automotive Behind The Scene Tips & Tricks

How we did it: The Matrix Bullet time effect

Apr 2015
The original inception of the shot came from the “Bullet Time” shot from the feature film, “The Matrix”. The idea is to have several cameras lined up in a 360 degree space that would all fire in one single take in order to freeze time around any given object.


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Automotive Behind The Scene

DOCZILLA: A short film featuring R35 and Libertywalk

Mar 2015
“DOCZILLA” profiles Vancouver physician and automotive enthusiast, DR. JJ Dubec and his infamous Liberty Walk Nissan R-35 GT-R.