Infamous R35 and Libertywalk Doczilla

Mar 2015

Things have been busier than ever here at the Speedline and Pixel Motion office. More notably in the last 5 months, we have been heavily working on creating our newest automotive film, Doczilla.

“DOCZILLA” profiles Vancouver physician and automotive enthusiast, DR. JJ Dubec and his infamous Liberty Walk Nissan R-35 GT-R. With world-wide recognition in the automotive tuning scene, JJ’s GT-R has received endless praise from countless magazines and after market company endorsements (AirRex, Armytrix, Skyforged) as well as secured a strong fan base of millions of people including Japanese tuning legend, Wataru Kato Son of Liberty Walk fame.

Through the film, JJ describes his experiences of meeting Kato for the first time during his exclusive invite to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Kato also gives his personal insight into JJ’s GT-R build and talks about the meaningful impact his own modified cars have had on the automotive tuning world.

Behind the scenes: DOCZILLAAs one if the largest films that we’ve worked on here at Pixel and Speedline, this film has been a challenge at the best of times. From run and gun filming in the busy crowds of Las Vegas to the extremely late night guerrilla shooting sessions in Vancouver’s downtown, it pushed us to our max.

Behind the scenes: DOCZILLAThe editing was also a challenge with us literally logging hundreds of hours of post-production breaking us to the point of exhaustion and creative drain. But when you watch the film, you don’t see the pain and the frustration, nor do you see the sweat equity put in and every rule in the book being broken to just get a single shot. No, all you really see and hear, is a story about the bond two enthusiasts have about their cars and how what they do can effect and change the lives of so many people. We were just there to deliver their story in a time span of 15 minutes or less told in a cinematic and cohesive way so that you as the viewer may hear and experience what we see in our creative minds.

Behind the scenes: DOCZILLABehind the scenes: DOCZILLAAll seriousness aside, the filming of this production was one of the greatest undertakings for us. It allowed for us to try out new filming techniques and various special FX in post production that we normally don’t have the time to do in our films. ‘Doczilla’ will be the first of many films that we hope to produce that help shed light on all of the different aspects and stories in the automotive communities.

Behind the scenes: DOCZILLAKeep your eyes peeled for more behind the scenes content on how we went about creating some of the shots we did for Doczilla.

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