Go For It with Coast Capital

May 2015

The Coast Capital Go for It Challenge is a company sponsored initiative that inspires, motivates and gives back to the employees who help them reach their corporate goals all year long. To be chosen for the Go for It challenge, employees submit a short video detailing what they hope to learn or take on. Coast Capital then selects three inspiring entries and provides all of the tools and resources necessary to enable them to reach their goals. It’s Coast Capital’s way of saying Go for It! We’ve got your back!

Producing the Coast Capital Go for It challenge videos was a challenge in itself, but an experience beyond rewarding. This project was extremely personal for those involved. They not only opened their doors and welcomed us into their homes, but also allowed us to closely film them during a time of weakness and hardship.

Behind the scenes: Coast Capital Go For It Challenge

We produced three separate videos during the more than two months of filming. We traveled to Vancouver Island, we climbed the Coquitlam crunch and we ventured into a professional chef’s kitchen. The variety of filming locations, environments, and themes were all seamlessly connected. However, the scope of work was so varied that we mentally transitioned from one style to the next. It was important to ensure each video had its own unique feel that held true to the video’s topic but still respected the client’s overall vision.

Behind the scenes: Coast Capital Go For It Challenge

Sumeet Dahl wanted to learn to play guitar so he could feel included in his girlfriend’s musical family gatherings. His journey to strum alongside started with private lessons from the talented musician Vince Vaccaro. He taught Sumeet guitar basics and the rhythm, all in the comfortable and intimate setting of his home. At the end of the 10 weeks, we joined Sumeet by the fire as he confidently inserted himself into a music circle joined by his girlfriend’s family. As the fire crackled, and the smoke rose high above the overhanging trees, Sumeet’s effortless strumming perfectly harmonized with the family, and at last he felt genuinely a part of the family.

Behind the scenes: Coast Capital Go For It Challenge

Danielle Nori was on a weight loss mission. After beginning her fight to shed fat earlier in the year, she didn’t want to stop at the 50 pounds she already lost. So she joined for the Go for It challenge to continue the process and to remotivate herself to continue her personal journey. World famous personal trainer Tommy Europe injected energy and a flurry of motivation, reinvigorating Danielle’s fitness mission. Her ten week challenge saw her training at anytime fitness in Coquitlam, going through a gruelling circuit at Trout Lake, and climbing the Coquitlam crunch in the pouring rain all with Tommy alongside every step of the way. At the end of Danielle’s ten week challenge, she was healthier, happier and looking amazing. The best part, Danielle is passionate and committed to continuing her healthy lifestyle and inspiring everyone around her.

Behind the scenes: Coast Capital Go For It Challenge

The third go for it challenge participant was Dan Dante. He wanted to learn to cook and feel comfortable in the kitchen. With his new house and fiancé, learning the skills to cook and impress his wife to be was the main motivation behind him taking on this challenge. He admitted he was about a beginner as possible in the kitchen and wasn’t ashamed to let this be known. Helping him find his way among the knives and forks was Jonathan Chovancek, the celebrated and executive chef of Cafe Medina. Cooking is not easy, and Dan faced many difficulties that he had to overcome during the 10 weeks. Getting familiar with different ingredients and combinations is not something someone can learn overnight. In between his scheduled sessions with Chef Jonathan, Dan became comfortable with making some of the dishes he had learnt, and found himself firing up the oven instead of calling for delivery. Eventually, his confidence improved and the kitchen didn’t feel so hostile. During the ten weeks, Dan learned to make Chicken stuffed with Chorizo sausage, smoked bacon Bolognese and even a chocolate cake! The best part was being able to set the table and provide a delicious home cooked meal to his fiancé. In Dan’s own words, this challenge has changed my life.

Sumeet Dhaul & Vince Vaccaro

Dan Dante & Jonathan Chovancek

Danielle Nori & Tommy Europe

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