Raising Awareness For Trades Women

Jun 2014

In late February, we had the opportunity to work with ITA on a conference they call “Power Up Women in the Trades” that was hosted in downtown Vancouver in the Wosk Centre

pixel-motion-films-WITT-power-up-vancouver-video-productionpixel-motion-films-WITT-power-up-vancouver-video-productionThrough several keynote speakers and tradeswomen testimonials, the conference really showed us that inequality still exists in the trades for women. It was inspiring to see so many people coming together to share their stories and experiences to help support each other in such a marginalized industry.

pixel-motion-films-WITT-power-up-vancouver-video-productionOur good friend Lisa from Get The Picture was there to help record the stories and presentations through illustrations done in real time. Her drawings helped connect people on a visual level to all the information shared that day.

pixel-motion-films-WITT-power-up-vancouver-video-productionOur goal was to shoot video and photos of the conference to capture the excitement and overall atmosphere of the people. The keynotes were important to film as well as getting b-roll and testimonials from conference attendees. The photos were then later incorporated into an online presentation that consisted of the highlights of the event along with the illustrated visuals provided by Lisa (You can view the presentation here).

pixel-motion-films-WITT-power-up-vancouver-video-productionWe worked the whole day on four cameras (Canon 60D, 7D and two 5D MK II). Three of the cameras were used for shooting video while we had one dedicated stills camera. We love working on multi DSLR shoots!

We met so many wonderful people through this conference and hope that the journey for women in the trades continues to grow and be supported! Thanks to Edelman for organizing and putting on the event!

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