Striking Gold in French Guiana

Dec 2014

Ever heard of French Guiana? Neither had we, so that’s why when Vancouver based mining and exploration company, Columbus Gold, asked us to tag along with them to tour their Gold deposit there, we couldn’t say no!

Columbus Gold

Nestled on the eastern side of the continent of South America bordering Surinam and Brazil is a little piece of Europe – France to be exact. You see, the French colonized French Guiana many years ago and has since become an overseas department of France. They are apart of EU, speak French and even host the European Space Port! Needless to say, we were both excited to have the chance to go to such a unique place. Our mission for Columbus Gold was simple – capture the unique presence of the European infrastructure and political stability in French Guiana, as well as film a first hand look at their mine site and drilling progress. The end product would result in an advertisement to encourage future investors and promote growing interests in their deposit.

Columbus GoldColumbus GoldColumbus Gold

Our adventures took us to the heart of the capital city, Cayenne, where we got in tune with the locals and their day-to-day culture and lifestyle. From there we flew across the remote jungle in a helicopter to capture aerials of the serene wilderness of the Amazon. We landed in Camp Citron and had a chance to meet the teams there that were manning the current drilling operations for Columbus Gold. Later on in the trip, we toured up the coast to the town of Koru where we filmed a satellite space launch at the European Space Port.

Columbus Gold

We had a fantastic time learning about the rich history in French Guiana and getting to see all of the spectacular sights around this European dwelling. You can watch the commercial we produced below!

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